Devon Coast Challenge 2021

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PLEASE NOTE NEW EVENT DATES: 14th - 16th May 2021



Inspired by the Atlantic and Jurassic Coast Challenges the Devon Coast Challenge, now in its 3rd year, is just as scenic and rewarding as its established predecessors of Votwo's original 3 marathons in 3 days format. 

The route starts near Hartland Point and finishes Porlock Bay. Complete up to 78.6 miles (3 marathons) over 3 days by walking, running or crawling along the South West Coast Path. The route passes over simply stunning coastal areas and passes famous towns and villages such as Croyde Bay, Lynton and Lynmouth, Ilfracombe, Woolacombe and The Valley of the Rocks. 


14th - 16th May 2021

Event HQ:

Sandaway Beach Holiday Park, Combe Martin, EX34 9ST


  • Individual - 3 Days - 78 miles - £180
  • Individual - Day 1 - 26 miles - £65
  • Individual - Day 2 - 26 miles - £65
  • Individual - Day 3 - 26 miles - £65

Enter all 3 days at once for £180 saving £15 (standard day price is £65).

Please note prices do not include accommodation.

Schedule (provisional):

  • Day One: Hartland Quay - Appledore
  • Day Two: Crow Point - Combe Martin
  • Day Three: Combe Martin - Porlock Bay

    Pre-event information pack:

    A link to the 2019 Devon Coast event information is below this text. This will give you a good overview of the event. All entrants will be emailed a reminder to read the event information. It is a condition of entry to this event that you participate according to the instructions in the event information pack. We do not post out information. 2021 information will be updated before the event

    Event GPS Tracking:

    The event has teamed up with Geo Tracks to provide Live GPS tracking. Trackers will be issued at registration each day and a mobile app is used to view the live tracking. More details will be published pre-event



    Wild and rugged. Steep climbs and descents that test your concentration as well as your strength. Each day is unique with its own individual challenges and famous landmarks to add to the experience. The course follows the Coast path which is marked by South West Coast  Path signs. It's a very obvious well-worn route. You will be issued with course maps and the emphasis is on self-navigation. In most cases, it's as easy as keeping the sea on your left and the land on your right.

    GPX Files For The DCC:

    Day 1 

    Day 2

    Day 3

    Event HQ:

    This will act as a meeting point, catering area, massage/first aid point and reception. This will be open throughout the whole event to answer any questions, sell you some event merchandise or offer you some running advice. The Event HQ location will be in Combe Martin

    Checkpoints (CPs):

    These are located approximately every 10KM. At each CP you will be ‘checked’ in by the CP staff and your time logged. This means we know where you are on the course and if you are late for a checkpoint we can assist you. 

    All the CPs will be stocked with energy bars, jelly babies, salty snacks, filled rolls, water, squash, coke and hot drinks. At the finish point each day a bowl of hot homemade soup and bread roll will await you. CP locations are marked on your issued maps and CP close times will be issued to you along with your actions on the emergency card. The event medics will be available at the CP.


    Each day you will be instructed to meet at the event HQ and then be transported to the start. Once you join Votwo on the event you can leave your car at the event HQ and take advantage of the Votwo minibusses. On completion of the days run you will be transported back to the event HQ.


    For those that wish to enter as a team, you may do so by emailing There is an additional charge for teams as it incurs additional admin, medals & t-shirts per person. Teams may use the start and finish transportation but if you wish to meet at a checkpoint and swap over you will be responsible for getting yourself to and from the checkpoints. Teams must also at registration make sure that the HQ has everyone's mobile number and emergency details. The booking will be under the group leader who will be responsible for organising the whole group.

    Medical assistance:

    Event medics are available on the route during the course of the day. Every  registration the medics will be available to sort out any blisters, tape feet up etc. Votwo's sports massage staff will also be available at the end of each day to advise on dealing with strains and injuries.

    Running groups and daily start times:

    There are two start groups for the event   

    Group 1 is predominately for walkers and slower runners. Group 1 starts first each day. (Day 1 is likely only to have one group due to the distance to the start.)

    Group 2 is for runners. No walkers in group 2.   

    The briefing, bus and start times for each group on each day of the challenge can be found in the 'Event Download' - Participant information pack.  

    For days two and three, there are two start groups.  You will be able to decide which group you would like to start in by clicking on the dropdown option when you book your entry.

    Kit list:

    Whilst taking part in the challenge it is compulsory for you to carry the following equipment. Each day at challenge registration you will be asked to prove you have certain pieces of kit on the list. If you don’t have this kit you will not be allowed to participate in the event. We will be enforcing the policy of: NO KIT, NO RUN. If the worst happens to you any of the below kit could really make the difference to your survival and wellbeing. There will be random spot checks.           

    Essential kit (to be carried on your person or in your rucksack)

    • Issued maps for that day in an easily accessible place.  
    • Make sure these maps are tied in some way to your kit, one gust of wind and they're gone!  
    • Useful numbers, checkpoint timings, and lost procedure (issued at registration)
    • Whistle  
    • Compass (make sure your compass is attached to you or your kit)  
    • Waterproof top  
    • Long trousers or tights  
    • Gloves (waterproofed in plastic freezer bag)  
    • Hat (waterproofed in plastic freezer bag) 
    • Chocolate bar or similar  
    • Small torch with spare batteries  
    • More than 400ml of water or other drink  
    • A lightweight piece of warm clothing (waterproofed)  
    • A fully charged working mobile phone (waterproofed)  
    • A notepad and pencil with your name and your mobile number written on it (waterproofed)

    You must carry all the kit on the kit list. No exceptions.

    Accommodation and catering:

    As of 31.01.2020 Please E-mail us directly for accommodation availability and options

    Sandaway Beach Holiday Park provides the perfect accommodation solution for entrants to the DCC. All caravans are of good standard and are on site very close to the HQ tent. Free onsite parking. 

    Accommodation is booked online as an additional cost on top of your entry fee. You can book when you enter the event on-line or by visiting the accommodation shop link below.  

    Accommodation is booked as your own sole use for yourself and friends. 

    All accommodation is for up to 4 nights Thur - Monday morning.

    Catering is to be confirmed.


    Devon Coast Challenge Clothing:

    Event branded clothing will be available for purchase.


    Results 2018 - 2019:

    Images 2018:


    Click Here


    Course Maps:


    Deven Coast Challenge Event Feedback 2018:

    Steve Jackson

    ”Having run in the first VOTWO, Devon Coast Challenge from Hartland Quay to Porlock Weir over the weekend. I thought I would make some comments about the event now the dust has settled, the ‘event village’ has gone and runners are heading home.

    The route covered areas of outstanding national beauty and whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the first day to Appledore. The second and third days in glorious sunshine showed just what a beautiful, rugged and magical place the north Devon coast is.

    The event is organised in the same format as the bigger Atlantic and Jurassic Coast Challenges. Accommodation was available at Challenge HQ, a small family holiday caravan site or at another similar local site and could be booked directly through the event. Starting each day with issue of numbers and dibbers (which are returned at the end of each day), followed by a kit check and comprehensive brief on the route (maps are provided) health and safety matters and any other issues. Entrants are then bussed to the start each day as required. This is a tried and tested format that clearly works. In the bigger events there are multiple starts and briefs depending on the abilities of walkers/runners and clearly the logistical support for these events increases. On course there are regular check points with food and water, medical staff, safety vehicles and entrants ‘dib in’ on arrival and have numbers taken for safety purposes. At the finish, for those that need it, event transport leaves for challenge HQ as soon as each vehicle is full.

    Day 1 ran from Hartland Quay to Appledore and was a section of the SWCP I had little knowledge of. Suffice to say it was hard and rugged, made more difficult by changeable weather and greasy ground conditions following mid day rain. We reached Appledore via Clovelly and Westward Ho.

    Day 2 ran from Braunton Burrows to challenge HQ near Coombe Martin, via Staunton, Croydon, Woolacombe and Ilfracombe in warm, sunny conditions. The the coast path provided stunning coastal views of cliffs and beaches whilst giving good underfoot running surfaces whilst showing the areas outstanding national beauty credentials.

    Day 3 ran from challenge HQ to Porlock Weir, whilst providing some fantastic views from the start, was an extremely physically hard day. Climbing hard from the onset the path clings to the side of high cliffs, crosses moorland and heads through woods and glades towards Hunters Inn, Valley of the Rocks, Lynmouth and Countisbury, and continually provides breathtaking scenery and views. I took a quick diversion for a photo of the metal man at the end of the Two Moors Way in Lynmouth, a few of us running over the weekend visited it in very different underfoot and weather conditions at the end of another event a few weeks ago. Leaving Lynmouth there is a long climb up to Countisbury and then the path becomes more wooded and undulating, running through glades and dells before hitting the final big climb to Culbone Church via an alternative coast path route, running across open fields which provided clear views to Wales, before dropping down via farm lanes and tracks to the finish at Porlock.

    Without a doubt day 3 was the most challenging and an outstanding day out. I hope this is an event that becomes a fixture, joining the ACC and JCC on the running calendar as I shall certainly return.

    For anyone thinking of coastal running then running in this event, especially in the sun on Saturday and Sunday in areas of extreme beauty was a fantastic experience. However, it should be remembered all coast path running provides challenges to individuals and should not be taken lightly. There are inherent risks from the terrain and weather which should not be underestimated and of course events such as this are self-navigation but provide access to some of the finest scenery anywhere.

    These events are inclusive and are not just for runners, where long cut off times mean that those who wish to walk have the opportunity to do so as long as they meet the cut off times.

    Votwo staff have once again provided an excellent event that has undoubtedly been one of the best I have been involved in.“

    Challenge Event 2017 Feedback:

    Debbie B "Just to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for an outstandingly awesome ACC! I did the JCC this year also and loved it so mush..... I'm hooked, I shall be there every year now to BOTH!! Such fantastic organization and support and the friendliest people you could ever wish to meet in event volunteers to participants, I made so many great friends...... EXCELLENT food and massage,,,,,, Did I understand you were planning on doing another three day event?? I'll be IN if you are! Thank you for a truly life changing event and the weather was perfect on all three days.... I love the rain - Liquid Sunshine! See you a the JCC I'm already entered with my buddy Caroline Taplin x x x x"

    Carol M "Just to say a huge 'thank you' to everyone involved in organizing the ACC. A fantastic event, amazing support and brilliantly organized. I loved every minute of it!!! Well done!!"

    Carol G "Dear Ben and team, I just wanted to offer my thanks for this weekend's Atlantic Coast Challenge. The toughest thing I have ever done! I felt very well cared for from the moment I registered. The Votwo staff and volunteers couldn't have been more helpful and kind. I appreciated the high standards around safety, especially given the weather and terrain. And I am convinced that Votwo employ time shifting Ninjas - the same people seemed to pop up everywhere from registration to the most remote checkpoints, doing all sorts of jobs with infinite patience and cheerfulness. Thank you so much and I hope you're all getting at least some rest this week."